Monday, 19 August 2013


Here's me, with one of my Idols..

Yes, Shaun the Sheep.

We arrived at Lollibop 2013 and I don't know who was most excited, Karen (aka grumpyishmum), Louis (aka footymad5yearold), Rowan (aka asbo), or me, Ted (aka survivaldaddy). 

As we came through the gate, opposite was a stall where your children, yes children had the opportunity to make a wind mill. And neither Louis or Rowan seemed bothered at all about the prospect, however, (grumpyishmum), who I will now call (childlikeishmum) was very excited indeed and proceeded to make one and got right into it.

As we moved on, we learned from the schedule that Rastamouse and the Eazy Crew were due to perform so off to the main stage we went. Brilliant, we love Rastamouse and what a performance it was. Watching Rastamouse gave me a craving for carribean food, (yes I am odd), so off I went in search to the food stall area and found a Jamaican food stall and had mutton curry, rice an peas followed by a can of ginger beer. In a word, Awesome :)

As the day went on, we looked around all of the stalls an attractions which looked very good and interactive for kids and adults alike but and it's a very big BUT, the queues were horrendous for just about everything. Take the National Geo tent. They were educating us about exotic animals and letting kids have hold of Tarantulas which was all brilliant but unless you were 7 feet tall, there was no chance of seeing anything if you weren't near the front. The presenter wasn't on a raised stage and the tent was very small indeed. I don't mean to pick on Nat Geo as such but that was as good an example as any. 

Moving on, Louis wanted his face painted so I took him to queue up for one while Childlikeishmum took Asbo to the Little Tykes playground and a look round some of the other stalls.

 After an hour of queueing, Louis got his face painted..

He was very pleased in the end.
Rowan looked a little apprehensive about who Shaun's friends were..

..but decided that he'd stand next to one and look at Shaun from a distance. :)

After Louis had his face painted like Spiderman, we then found Asbo and Mummy only to find that Asbo wanted his face doing also but we had to deny him because there was no way we were queueing up again.
Sorry Rowan, we promised to get it done tomorrow, as you do.

Overall, I think that Lollibop was very good indeed and well organised but I definitely wouldn't have liked to have visited on the Saturday as it would have been a lot busier and the queues even more horrendous than the Friday.

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  1. I agree that the queues were something of a disappointment but yeah, we had a great day didn't we!