Sunday, 20 October 2013

National Family Arts Exhibition.

I took Rowan to the Arts Exhibition at the Lowry Theatre in Salford last Friday. The exhibit also had newly commissioned football artwork along with some great memorabilia courtesy of the greatest football team in the world, Manchester United. As one could imagine, it was right up my street. Although we missed Fred The Red, the Premier League trophy was there on display with the right coloured tassel's attached, Red, Black and White. We had our picture taken with it.

Rowan and I were invited to draw pictures and or write down our thoughts/memories of being a football fan. As Rowan is only three he had a good scribble. I however managed to draw a picture of something resembling Edwin Van Der Sar's top half with a caption underneath..

.. :) not a very good artist.

We were also invited to look and have a feel of some studded boots from the past  and even Shinji Kagawa's specially made size 7 3/4 featherweight titanium moulds. There were various shirts including arguably the greatest ever goalkeeper that ever graced football, Peter Schmeichel's XXXL shirt. There were some signed pictures from past legends and old match programmes including a blank team list on the middle spread immediately after the Munich air disaster.. you can see, the Busby Babes' names are missing :(

Rowan and I had a thoroughly great time and had a further look at some of the artwork on display in the Theatre. The people were fantastic and very helpful. Apparently our drawings will be put on display in the gallery for all visitors to see. I am looking forward to going back to have a look at what other people have drawn about their own memories, from half time bovril to hot vimto, and from deep heat to leg sting from hailstone. 

Great experience :)


  1. As someone from the blue half on Manchester ;) I wouldn't necessarily be all in for this - however it looks like you and Rowan had a lovely day and your drawings are cool ! It's always great to spend fun days out with the kids - teaching them a bit of history along the way...even if it is red history... :)

  2. Rowan really enjoyed himself :) Shame it was a weekday or you could've taken them both x

  3. Great day out! I'm often tempted to visit the Lowry - this sounded like a fab event.