Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What's it all about.

This is the eighth Christmas I am experiencing as a Dad. But the first Christmas that (incidentally), Louis my eldest doesn't believe in Santa :(
Well then, that doesn't mean that it won't be as amazing as the previous seven. In fact,  now that he knows, he has been really enthusiastic to make it extra special for his brother. He probably doesn't realise that he has made myself and mum feel very old. I mean, we're 31 and 32 respectively and I feel like a spring chicken, (as opposed to a stuffed Christmas turkey :) ).

This year has been a real roller coaster of a ride and we have relished in it all. The news is always full of negativity, be headings, paedophile's, disease and domestic abuse but to name a few. As parents, we do try to shield our kids from all of this negative aura about the world and get out, see stuff, educate, have fun and answer any questions as truthfully as you can without being too gross and scaring them with it. How do you answer some of life's questions to an inquisitive 7 year old? Let me tell you, it's a hard job. Then after answering as truthfully as possible, trying to get your 7 year old not to tell his four year old brother and his friends some of these truths.

In the last 7 years what I have learned about parenting more than everything is to show an active physical interest in everything your child is into and take a look  at how you were treated by your parents (good or bad) and answer any question about life as truthfully as possible.

I truly believe that you will have a friend for life, not just a son or daughter but the best friend you can ever have by how you show in those very first years, your love, dedication, patience, willingness and truthfulness.
You will only get one chance..