Wednesday, 19 June 2013

First things first.

Right, well then. There are two things that I want to blog about as I feel very passionate about these subjects. Number one is being a parent an to bring my children up the best way I can. Secondly, learning survival skills and letting my children learn along the way about survival.

Here, there is (hopefully) going to be a regularly updated blog that will;

A) Help to show my kids some basic survival skills
B) Help me to slowly learn more about how our ancestors got by
C) Be an informative and fun source of information (no pressure then)
D) Keep some sort of record of activities for the kids to read later on in life
E) Help to write down and deal with everyday parenting challenges 

As far as parenting goes, there is no manual, every kid is different and so the way to deal with them. I am in my 6th year of being a parent to my two boys and the rewards are brilliant.

At the moment, I only have a very basic knowledge of very few techniques with regards to survival. By doing this blog as regularly as possible, it will give me the 'oomph' to carry on learning and searching for further ideas and adventures so I can blog about them.

I think, on a personal level, that in this day and age we (in the western world especially) are too reliant on taking the car to the supermarket, buying processed food, meat, bread etc. If there happened to be some sort of apocalypse (a bit extreme, I know), how many of us could actually survive? Okay, not to be too extreme about things, the oil runs out, we have no car and the supermarket has run out of food. Could I survive? The answer is... A big fat NO!!

So with these skills I hope to learn (and put into action), by the time something may happen, either myself or my children or their children will have this inner instinct and knowledge that has been long forgotten in this modern era.

So here it goes..

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