Tuesday, 10 September 2013

13' Lucky for some?

This post might actually be about survival!

This week it is the 13th September 2013 on Friday. 

Things keep appearing to relate to '13', for instance:
• I watched a documentary about kids filmed just before they turned 13.
• I looked at the clock yesterday and it read 13:31, the same backwards in a palindrome kind of fashion. 
• My hotel room number this week is 13.

I'm not that superstitious but this has got me a bit scared, should I do the Lottery?, dig an air raid shelter?, drive the family up into the mountains?, or even just simply stay in bed all day on Friday the 13th?!

The one and only saving grace is that my Wife's lucky number is 13, the day in which she entered this lovely planet of ours :), oh, just to add, my favourite metal band's 13th album is called THIRTEEN...

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