Thursday, 12 September 2013

Surviving Society???

I am, at the moment walking a back route between Bury and Radcliffe.(Greater Manchester, England),(for my foreign friends.)

This is along a canal route, full of plants, trees and wildlife alike an it's just after midday. A smashing route!
However, a gentleman in his fifty's has just saw me approach and deliberately stepped over to the other side of the path, that was when we were around 30 paces away. As we got closer, I tried to make eye contact in acknowledgement and maybe say hello,(as anyone would). This man was cowering when we walked past each other. I have my work uniform on with a baseball cap as a part of it.
Now, my walk has been slightly spoilt by this, as I am now writing instead of taking in nature to it's fullest.
I am deeply sorry about this man's behaviour and/or past.
If you cannot have a leisurely walk along a nice stretch of local countryside without fearing for your life, what else can there possibly be?
This country, like many others is still in the Dark Ages, it's about time these money/time wasting council bosses and politicians actually pulled their fingers out of their arses and actually..


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