Tuesday, 19 November 2013

This year, in a Nutshell. (A very large one)

 What a year..

Turned 30, kids are amazing, had some great times as a family, learned loads of new bushcraft and nature skills, Man Utd 20 times champions, 13 premier leagues of which I've seen, new car..

What A Year...

Lost Gramps, Lost Col, Karen's lost Wray, her Gran isn't well and the car has been smashed into by an idiot who is denying fault when it's clear that he is in the wrong, very wrong....

Still, I continue to be positive. Why?,

I have an ok job that pay's well but doesn't pay sick pay and I'm so glad that Christmas is nearly upon us to get some rest. I know that might sound selfish, I am very glad to have a job in our current climate and god knows have we and millions of other Families have suffered. But still, I am a very lucky man indeed, my family drives me on, I have never had a day off sick in the seven years of being at my current job. Even now while staying at some digs writing about how things are, I am positive and I know my purpose in life. We have got a multitude of positivity to have pride in our country and what it stands for, the tories could be a lot better than they are in supporting the working class , I know that but the real Britain/England stands for racial equality, pride in it's heritage, fish, chips, mushy peas, Sir Robert Peel, the industrial revolution, inventors of our beloved game ,( c'mon England), Armistice day, D-day, spitfires, steam engines, Fred Dibnah, war heroes, coastlines....

I could go on forever..
Eccles cakes, pride in each other, The Royal Family..

What I mean is I think, is that I see all of the troubles around the globe, terrorists, orphans, typhoon's, nuclear power, Tyrant's, world politics etc..

England could be a very lot worse. It's very sad to see some of the news coming in from other countries, badger's being culled and Elephant's being poached. There is all of this information to take in, discard what you're not into and relish in all that you want to know. My Grandad had an amazing capacity to keep up with the times, he lived until he was 91, contempt with his life's experiences, dignity intact, off to see his Wife in heaven. 

For my positivity, I am thanking you Gramps. I learned a lot from you and so am dedicating my rant to you. :)

I am positive and will stay this way, 'chin up' as they say.....



  1. Sorry about your Gramps. Lovely post though, definitely puts things into perspective, we're lucky to have jobs in this difficult climate. I hope you get your car sorted and the idiot has to cough up.

  2. Lovely post Ted, I think the importance of your family to you shines through in this and in person xx

    1. Thanks Pippa, I wish they taught us this in school. :(