Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Go Ape- Grizedale Forest.

My wife and I were invited to go along to Go Ape to do a review about it and to obviously have a fantastic day out. My initial thoughts were 'Aah brilliant!', followed by 'Ooh, scary'. :)

I have always wanted to go along to Go Ape and have missed the opportunity to go along with my friends a couple of years ago. I am also not very good with heights. That wasn't gonna put me off though, no way!

As we arrived at the centre, we were warmly greeted and I felt like we were to be in for some good customer service, ( which is a rarity in most places.) We were then asked to fill out the forms/ disclaimers, and proceeded outside to receive a tutorial from one of the Go Ape staff and he fit our harnesses. *feeling nervous but excited*

There's Karen readying herself for the first zip slide. ;)

I thought that the worst thing was actually the waiting in anticipation because I just wanted to fly through the whole lot as fast as possible so as not to be stuck behind a scared person and wait ages stuck up a tree. 

The obstacles were all different and some harder than others. My favourites were the two large zip slides crossing the valley and the best of them all was the large Tarzan swing after choosing the extreme route over the easy one..

Can't be a wuss!!!

On the Tarzan swing, you only free fall for about a second before the rope kicks in but the adrenaline boost rises to a crazy level and resulted in me shouting obscenities at the top of my voice, now I know why Tarzan does that scream thing!! What an amazing idea. I would recommend Go Ape to anybody, fat, thin, young and old. You feel completely safe as long as you are always strapped on to the obstacle and the tree by taking the safety clips one at a time and placing them onto the next bit. I cannot wait until the next time I visit one of the other sites and have already spoken to friends and family to bear Go Ape in mind when it comes to stag do's, hen parties, birthdays etc. 

Brilliant customer service + brilliant adventure = happy customer! Thanks :)

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