Saturday, 7 December 2013


Let's not forget Sir Alex' parting words, "stand by our new manager", at the game today the atmosphere was subdued. I for one am clueless at Moyes' team selections. I am clueless as to why he got Fellaini as what seems to me to be a panic buy. There are one or two, maybe three or four players who aren't up to standard, maybe five or six who aren't up to the "man utd" standard as what we are used to as fans. 

There are however a multitude of seasoned professionals still in the team who know more than anyone else in the league how to win games, grind out results and win trophies. The words from Sir Alex were meant as far as i can tell, that teething problems personified will happen and are currently happening. I didn't agree with changing all of the backroom staff along with many others. People are proud of their clubs even when after years and years they haven't won a button, nevermind 20 league titles.

The legacy of  Sir Matt, the Busby Babes, the class of '92 can not and will not be tarnished. To the fans who leave the ground early and boo the team off, that attitude to me is not right. This is Manchester United for Christ's sake!! 


I have friends who support Bury FC and are proud of their heritage and like the fact that the "shakers" have won the FA cup twice in 1900 and 1903, there is no Bury fan alive who can remember these achievements as it happened so long ago but are proud of them, along with every other football fan in the world. This is FOOTBALL. This is why we love our national game. 

Yes there always will be very high expectations at MUFC and standards and legacies to adhere to but we are halfway into one of the most fragile seasons in the clubs history. 

I for one will not and have not left the game before the final whistle, nor booed the team off after a run of bad results. 

This is football, deal with it and get behind your team!

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