Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Back to Basics

Now, I have been going off on a tangent writing about spoons and sticks so we are going to go back to basics.

In principal, survival will consist of finding or making shelter, making fire, finding and purifying water and getting food. Clothing, tools, any equipment and any sort of training will help you in most situations. Obviously the location, weather conditions and state of health will all come into play in varied situations, i.e, if you find yourself in a desert, finding water will not help if you have no shelter to retain bodily fluids.
I was told to remember 'The Rule Of Threes'.
  • In the first three hours, you need shelter.
  • In the first three days, you need water.
  • In the first three weeks, you need food.
Fire will come to play in and around these  principles. Fire keeps you warm, keeps insects at bay, heats your water and cooks your food. Not to mention, be a signal from the smoke it creates if you find yourself to be stranded on a desert island ( laughs uncontrollably ).

At it's most basic, Survival means;
To satisfy the human body's requirements for life.
If you are in a survival predicament, conserving your energy is most important. There is no point in taking on a strenuous task of building a shelter when there is a nice warm cave nearby.( providing there are no bears around). :)
In the coming weeks, I will be taking time to take on some of these tasks, implementing my existing knowledge and learning new tricks along the way :).
Enjoy, I know I will ..

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