Friday, 12 July 2013

Compact survival kit.

When looking for kit to take with you for a trek or a weekend in the woods, I think the main things to consider are the size, weight and efficiency of the kit you are using. I have been looking around for a small survival kit for some time and have purchased one which was very cost effective, lightweight, doesn't take up much room at all and has a good deal of items contained including;

1. Adhesive bandages
2. Button compass
3. Candle
4. Cotton wool
5. Dressing
6. Salt Sachet
7. Snare wire
8. Vinyl tape
9. Sewing kit
10. Zip lock water bag carrier
11. Fishing hook
12. Flint and steel fire lighter
13. Whistle ( containing emergency details)
14. Mirror
15. Small multi tool
16. Pencil
17. Razor blade
18. Safety pins
19. Wire saw
All contained in a vacuum sealed aluminium tin.

 I may not need to use all the items, i.e the sewing kit, but you never know. There are some very useful items contained within, some of which I will demonstrate the use of.


This kit obviously doesn't contain everything you will need, i.e hand sanitizer, bug spray, sun cream etc. It will however go a long way in helping you to have all of the right kit which will fit into the side pocket of your bag.

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  1. If only the kids could compact their toys like you do ;)