Saturday, 6 July 2013

Father's day walking stick.

      I decided that for father's day, I would make something for my Dad to use instead of buy something that he probably wouldn't. This would also be my first project with my Mora Companion.

      I happened to find a nice branch from a local wood that had fallen not so long before. It had a knot near where the handle was going to be so that made a natural rest.

 I found it to be really enjoyable and realise that even if it was absolutely rubbish at the end result, my dad would know I'd put time and effort into making it for him. 
      For the final sanding process, I used wet and dry sandpaper and I purchased some teak oil to treat it. I ended up treating it, leaving it to dry and sanding it three times. There was a problem then because the stick was sticky. I then proceeded to sand the stick down again to take away the stickiness. As I am an amateur, teak oil might have been the wrong thing to use but I will research more and obviously practice different techniques. 
      Regardless of my struggles, my Dad was really very grateful for his present and the smile on his face said to me that I had achieved something. ( I'm not so sure what that is though). 
      So here it is :) ..




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