Thursday, 11 July 2013

Basic Shelter.

When finding a nice spot to take/ make a shelter you have to take into consideration a number of thought processes. At it's most basic, you can erect a tarpaulin (if you have one) between two trees and sleep/rest underneath to keep dry and warm enough perhaps only in the space of April to September in this country. 

The first thing to consider when choosing two trees to tie the tarp to is to look up, to make sure no branches can fall and impale you while you're sleeping. Then you look at the ground to see if it's flat and there are no game trails or ants nests where your head is going to be :). In our country, our weather systems and wind come from a south westerly direction. So your tarp wants to be at least within a 45 degree angle with the back facing toward the wind. Erect the tarp at a nice angle and the wind should flow right over it and the rain slide down it. 
I think that if you have a tarp then it can be used as a quick fix resting spot in the right conditions. I will be using, investigating and making alternative types of shelter and writing on blog about the processes used for each one.
     Here's one I made earlier.. :)
Flat ground and good canopy above made this possible.
I utilised this axe bench as a bit of protection which also doubled up as a hanger :)

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